Congrats to our (great) client, Datayard!

Datayard (formerly Donet) has officially opened its doors to its new facility.  And we couldn’t be happier for them.  The co-founders, Dave Mezera & Leigh Sandy, had a lot on their mind (a company re-brand, $1.85M construction project, lease negotiations…not to mention continuing to support their clients to their fullest and guiding their own rapid internal company growth), but yet were always positive and engaged throughout the design process.  They truly valued the effort and expertise of MODA4, and they were a joy to work for and support.

Early in the process, it became evident that Dave & Leigh greatly valued their brand and company culture.  It showed through in their employees as well.  We were determined to give them a space that supported their culture, enhanced their brand, and increased their productivity (see some progress photos here).  Interior brand elements/signage were designed in cooperation with Sparkbox.

The project was done design-build with Ferguson Construction.  The bulk of the construction budget was allotted (rightfully so) to their 5,000 sf data center, so cost was a serious concern.  We were able to reuse and refinish most of their existing systems furniture and integrate it with some new pieces.  Simplistic finishes were used to reinforce the brand and add depth/materiality without excessive cost.  Space utilization was far more efficient, so they were able to get more production per sf.

We are proud of the finished product, but most importantly, Datayard loves it and has already identified and measured the benefits of a more efficient and inspiring work place.

Photos of their open house event can be found here.  Let us know if you see our house warning gifts in the photos: A railroad spike re-purposed into a bottle opener and a serving tray/coaster set made from the materials used in the office build out.


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